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Multi Strand Mathematical Challenges

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This digital download gives you all 256 of our ready made activities (samples below) in one place, covering the following 7 key strands of mathematics:

Counting Forwards/Backwards, ID & Understanding of Number, Mathematical Language, Place Value, Algebra, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages and Calculation, Problem Solving & Reasoning.

Each strand includes activities ranging from Introductory level to Stage 6. These are broadly based on F2 up to Y6 objectives but all are adaptable for differing abilities.

Each activity has been carefully designed to increase confidence and understanding in number by focusing on seeing patterns, scaffolding with models and using games and challenges to engage children in their learning.

They can be used in class with larger groups or in an intervention setting. Teaching assistants in particular, benefit from the structure they provide.Printable resources (denoted where needed by a red!) are included in this download.For examples, scroll through images on the left.
You will get a ZIP (120MB) file